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Weedmats and Geotextiles


WeedMats – HDPE High Density Polyethylene

Weedmats are primarily used to inhibit the growth of weeds. The woven fabric is designed to “breathe” and in so doing, allows water and air flow through the mat- promoting healthy soil and in return, healthy plants.

Our weedmats are UV treated and our specs are 100GSM, 110GSM, 120GSM and 130GSM. We can deliver any width from 1.2m and more, according to customer requirements.


Soilsavers have the mechanical strength necessary to hold soil in place and prevent erosion. The netting breaks up run-off from heavy rains. It also promotes the growth of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing topsoil from drying out.

We supply soilsavers produced from economic jute or high quality coir fibre.



These are latex backed discs: in any diameter size with center slit for weed control. Irrigation holes are cut into the discs according to customer specifications.


CoirLogs are installed along vulnerable streams, rivers or other lake banks will protect against scour. This natural system will protect the bank until trees and other plant roots binding take over the protection