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Perlite, Vermiculite and Additives


Perlite provides aeration and improves water drainage in any potting medium. The surface area od perlite particles are covered with tiny cavities that hold moisture while the particles themselves create tunnels in the mixture that allow air and water to flow freely through the roots.

Vermiculite has the benefits of improving soil aeration while retaining moisture and nutrients to feed roots, cuttings and seeds for faster, maximum growth.

Perlite and Vermiculite can be supplied separately and is packed into polyprop bulk bags or 2.2cbm MaxiBags with a dispensing chute.

Starter mixes, is a small amount of fertiliser to meet the demands of the seedling for readily available nutrients until the plants root system develops. It also enhances the development of the emerging seedling.

Wetting agents, designed to overcome water repellence in the soil and also allows herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers to be more readily absorbed.

Slow release fertilisers or Controlled release fertilisers are coated with a plastic resin or polymer which slowly breaks down from water, heat, sunlight and soil microbes. It releases a small, steady amount of nutrients over a period of time. Using SRF or CRF eliminates the risk of fertilizer burn while staying in the soil for a longer period of time.

Maxi Bag

Maxi Bag

Bulk Bag

Bulk Bag