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TUFF POTS AND TUFF STANDS Our TuffPots were put through UV weathering tests at a USA solar company to determine how tough they really were.

Our TuffPots were couriered to USA for UV weathering tests at a solar company to determine how tough they really were. The results proved that the pots showed very little change after a simulated period of 8 years in harsh Californian desert conditions. Results are available to customers.

The TuffPot has a unique design with excellent drainage on the sides, recessed drainage underneath and a built-in footpiece. This keeps the pot off the floor and allows airflow underneath. The top rim and the bottom ridge has been strengthened so that the pot can carry a heavy load without strain or breaking.

Sizes are: 5litres, 7,5litres, 10litres,19litres, 22 litres, 23 litres, 25 litres and 27 litres.

TuffStands were designed to lift blueberry plants in plastic bags off the ground or to place a stand under existing flat pots to assist with drainage and curb water borne diseases. They have loadweights from 40kgs for the small and 70kgs for the large stands. The stands are square, round or star shaped and range in diameters from 17cm, 28cm, 30cm and 31cm.

Our Water Collection TuffPlates have been designed to collect overflow water and channel it to a t-piece which deposits the excess water into a recycling system. We produce the TuffPlates in 2 sizes : 35cm square and 25cm square