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PRODUCTION PLANT & OPERATIONS Bark n Fibre prides itself in producing an excellent quality product

Bark and Fibre Enterprises (Pty) Ltd has been producing growing medium since August 1992. The main factory is in Amsterdam, Mpumulanga and our depot combined with the administration and marketing office is located in Brits, NW Province.

We have been supplying the agricultural and horticultural market with growing mediums and specialised soil for over 25 years. Lelanie Trollip is the managing director and is supported by an excellent team.

Production of pine bark growing medium takes place through thermophylic composting. Fresh bark is milled into a specific size, organic urea and water is added, then this mixture is placed in long windrows. Temperatures are regularly monitored and when the heap reaches 70 deg C it is turned and aerated for the heat build-up to start again. This process repeats itself three times during a four-month period.

Once the product is stable with little variation in temperature, it is screened or blended and released to customers.

Our new lab is equipped with a photometer and specific meters for a comprehensive substrate analysis on-site. These tests will include PH, EC, TDS, Cl, Mg, N, P, K, B, S04, Zn

Bark n Fibre prides itself in producing an excellent quality product and giving great service, we cherish our relationships with all our customers.