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Tuffpots and water collection tuff plates

Very hardy, UV stabilised, 18litres volume, recessed drainage, well designed

TuffPots are very hardy and well designed with a footpiece which places the pot above ground.
The Tuff- range is UV stabilised and our Water Collection TuffPlate includes a T-Piece.
TuffPot sizes: 5.5 litre – 7.5 litres – 10 litres – 19 litres – 22 litres – 25 litres – 27 litres
TuffPlate sizes: 35cm square and 25cm square

Substrate – CannaBanna Blends

Coarse Perlite and buffered cocopeat blend delivered in Bulk Bags or Maxi Bags

BarknFibre are able to blend according to customer specification but we have also registered our own CannaBanna range which consists of the following ratios :
CannaBanna Organic 70:30 high fibre cocopeat – expanded and buffered with calcium nitrate
CannaBanna Supra70:30 high fibre cocopeat – expanded and buffered with calcium nitrate and large perl perlite
CannaBanna Premium70:30 high fibre cocopeat – expanded and buffred with calcium nitrate, large perl perlite and 4/10 imported peat with trace elements


Inhibits weed growth and the woven fabric is designed to breathe. These mats are UV treated and can be supplied in many different widths, lengths and GSM thickness.


Perlite and Vermiculite can be ordered separately and packed into bulk bags or maxiBags